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A Million Dollar Coin

A Million Dollar Coin

A work of fiction by Inksight contributor Shasidharan Kesavan.

Nadia was a girl who believed in, well, in nothing at all. She lived with Marco, her pet mongrel that looked more like a Jack Russell having stopped growing after a year. Nearby a Subway station, she lived in a rented apartment that let’s just say was less of a home than her place of work. The only good thing about it was her 90 year old land lord who barely knew she existed therefore hardly troubling her. Her perception of life was rather negative as while growing up under foster care she spent her entire childhood hoping that someone would adopt her but no one ever did, leaving Nadia broken and hoping for nothing anything again.

A journalist in a city full of crime and corruption, Nadia struggled her way up through many channels, some of which were not ethical however she did eventually make it. During that time, Jerald was Nadia’s best friend. Initially random friends on Facebook, they officially met at a 10km Charity Run and became “Real” Facebook friends. Much to the surprise of their circle of friends, their friendship didn’t last and viagra effectiveness time none of them knew exactly why. The assumption was that they went their separate ways after their career took off in opposite directions. Viagra vs cialis Two years became three and they have yet to speak, let alone see each other.

Although life seemed cruel on her, Nadia didn’t feel sorry for herself. However, she did not know how to free samples of viagra deal with her disappointments which often led to her being depressed and isolating herself from the outside world. Nevertheless, she thought she was living a rather happy life until a rainy afternoon in December, changed all that.

As the sky darkens, Nadia looks at the big white clock above her desk, 7:10pm it

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shows. She packs her stuff and heads for the exit. Alone in the lift, she leans her head on the side and closes her eyes. “Ting”, she walks out and is immediately drowned by the noise of the heavy rain outside. She reaches for her umbrella only to realize she had left it beneath her desk. Frustrated, Nadia runs up 5 flights of stairs to get it and whilst running back down, she drops her hand bag, and screams in exasperation.

Sat at the foot of the steps, Nadia sobs silently when suddenly, “Cling!” She quickly wipes her tears and turns around to find no one there. Taking a deep breath, Nadia picks herself up when she notices a coin near the staircase and picks it up, wondering who could have dropped it. As she puts the coin into her pocket, she looks around in curiosity and walks out.

Cold and dingy, Nadia walks through the city’s most dangerous alleys as she attempts to reach the subway station before she misses the train when she notices a vagabond seated alone by cialis 4 tablet the trash with an empty white paper cup. Strangely enough, he looked much too young and clean to be a vagabond. After a short pause, Nadia throws the coin from her jacket pocket into his cup and walks off in the rain.

In the train, Nadia thinks about her life now compared to how it was a few years back as she sheds a tear realizing how much has changed since. “Am I really happy?” She asks herself, putting her hands into her jacket pocket, only to realize the same coin she threw away, in her pocket. “What the hell?” She murmurs softly, recalling how she could have gotten the strange coin back after deliberately throwing it away. She then shrugs off the thought, assuming she had actually not thrown the coin into the white paper cup after all.

The next day, Nadia gets ready to go to work as usual when she hears a knock on her door. Surprised, she wonders who

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it may be while peeping through the peep hole. Bemused at the sight of no one, Nadia is not one to easily get alarmed, so she immediately opens the door. “Hello? Hello?” She says repeatedly only to find a brown package at her doorstep.

It read “Especially for, Jerald Kumar” Shocked and a little creeped out, Nadia doesn’t really know what to do having not spoken or heard from Jerald for almost 3 years. She decides to bring the package along as she leaves her apartment straight for work. There, her colleagues notice something different about her and continue to stare at her throughout the day. A midst her reporting duty, Nadia cannot stop thinking about the package she had left in her car and just about makes it through the day, with near misses in her job everywhere.

On her way home, Nadia wonders if Jerald still lives at the same place. In the spur of the moment, she decides to take a chance and drop the package at Jerald’s house, in hope that he hasn’t moved. Pitch dark with no street lights, Nadia’s reaches Jerald’s home and is met with dead silence. The sound of her car’s engine appears to be able wake up the whole neighbourhood. 8:03 pm it is, as Nadia glances at her watch to check the time. Anxious, she starts to realize how awkward it may be if Jerald actually saw. Overwhelmed, Nadia leaves the package by the door and heads straight for her car.

Once in the car, she begins to reminiscence her life when Jerald was part of it. From the very first time they shared a meal together in the canteen of their foster home, road tripping after they graduated, getting stuck in the rain waiting for a bus to the last time they hugged and went their separate ways. Overwhelmed by emotion, Nadia sheds a tear when suddenly; she hears a voice shout out, “Nadia?” Stunned, Nadia knows it’s probably the last person she would want to meet right now and drives off.

Confused, Jerald walks back into his house and opens the mysterious brown package left at his doorstep. It was so tightly wrapped; Jerald had to use his pocket knife to open it. As he cut of the wrapper, he shook the box. It felt unusually light and he could hear something tiny inside as he kept shaking it. Intrigued, he opens the box to find a silver coin. A week later, Nadia awakens to Marco licking her face. She yawns and stretches her body as Marco jumps off her bed free viagra sample pack and starts wining strangely. Disturbed by Marco’s unusual behaviour, Nadia decides to take Marco out for a walk. Drizzling, Nadia regrets taking Marco out when suddenly; she is approached from the back by someone.

“Don’t freak out, it’s just me” “Whaat? Jerald! What are you doing here?” “I had to see you. Why did you leave like that?” “Well I just couldn’t see you at that time; I was a mess”. Jerald starts playing with Marco and says, “Let’s have breakfast!” Unable to resist spending more time with him, Nadia smiles in agreement. They tie Marco outside a nearby restaurant and enter not knowing they would both come out of there changed men and women. Whilst eating, Nadia remembers of the strange package she left at Jerald’s doorstep and asks, “Owh Yea, what was in the package?”

“Wait, I thought you sent it to me.” “What? No. It was on my doorstep, so I delivered it to you” “What the hell? So who the hell sent dosage cialis forum me a coin? “Whaat?” “Yea, a silver coin, isn’t that weird?” “You have no idea”, she replies. She puts her hand into her jacket pocket to show Jerald only to find nothing there. Bewildered, she removes her jacket and flaps it up and down leaving Jerald looking even more confused than he already was. With no sign of it whatsoever, she asks Jerald to show her the coin. Astounded at the sight of the exact coin that she had spotted at the foot of the steps, thrown away in a cup and found in her jacket pocket, she doesn’t know how to put it all together but know that the coin served as a “Wake up” call.

“Okay calm down. What happened? What is so special about this coin?” Jerald asks. “Jerald, all this years that we’ve been apart, I’ve never wanted to admit to myself that I was wrong. I shouldn’t have just walked away, I just, I just was so caught up with my own life, that I forgot what was really important.“ “What is Nadia?” With a smile Nadia looks into Jerald’s eyes and says, “You.” “What about the coin?” he asks in a confused manner. “You’re going to think I’m crazy but the coin that was delivered to you in a package was the exact same coin that I found the night before your package was wrongly delivered to my doorstep”. “So?” “So, call it fate or destiny or whatever but I’m here, right now, with you, all because of that coin.

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