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Cancer, a New Disease for the Young?

Cancer, a New Disease for the Young?
Taking care of our health should not only start when we are old. Instead, it should start as soon as possible, as prevention is better than cure. BMC sophomore Chew Fong Yean (BMC 2012111) investigates how cancer is now attacking the young and unassuming.

The World Cancer Day Conference and Expo 2014 have announced that the cancer rate in Malaysia has been drastically increasing throughout the years. Evidence shows that from year 2008, there had been a number of 32,000 new cases of cancer in Malaysia. However, in year 2012, the number of new cases is 37,400 and the amount will soon increase to 56,932 cases by 2025 if nothing is done.

People tend to link cancer with old age, hence neglecting their health when they are young, as they think that they

will not be affected by cancer. “I do not think that having an active nightlife would affect my health as I am still in my twenties,” says Janet Wong, 23, a fresh graduate. “I would call myself an occasional smoker, but cancer is only for old people.”

Dr. William Tan Kah Wee, 59, Physician in Internal Medicine says: “My youngest cancer is 17 years old, hereditary from her mother’s family with very strong history of cancer.” He further explains: “Processed food and colouring in food can cause cancer to us without knowing, as most of these things are artificial, and to make things worse, it is all made of chemicals.”

“Many people tend to have this misconception that cancer only affects the elderly. Unfortunately, cancer also affects people who are in their teens,” says Dr. Tan. “Fast food, microwaved food and soft drinks are among the main reasons why the cancer rate has increased drastically throughout the generic cialis availability years,” he adds.

“Fast food is just so convenient. I can just order it through the telephone and even online,” says Nikki Lau, 27, a patient diagnosed with Lymphoma. “Cancer had always been in viagra commercial my mind that it is an old age disease,” says Lau. “I was shocked when my doctor told me that I had Lymphoma 4 years ago. No one in my family history died, or has cancer, so went down to Singapore for a second opinion,” she says.

“From then onwards, I know how conveniently fast food can be when it comes to causing cancer,” says Lau. “Keeping a healthy lifestyle has never come through my mind before I know that I am diagnosed with Lymphoma,” she adds.

“I always thought that I still have plenty of time before I get married and adjust to my eating habits and looking after my health,” says Lau. “But it is now too late. I have done everything I can, but the cancer cells are spreading to my bone-marrow, and there is nothing much that can be saved,” she adds.

In a real life documentary film‘Super Size Me’, Morgan Spurlock, 44, undergoes a 30-day period where he ate only McDonald’s food to prove that they are unhealthy and can cause further complications to our health. Within 30 days, he gained 11.5kg, and finds himself experiencing depression, lethargy and headaches. According to his now ex-wife, Spurlock also lost his sex drive during that period and had heart palpitations on the 21st day.

Natasha Lim, 19, a college student, who is like Angelina Jolie, somehow carried a ‘faulty gene’, where she had to undergo a double mastectomy. “When I reached puberty, my father had always brought me to hospital for annual check-ups, and this year, somehow, the report came out differently, as it shows that I have breast cancer,” says Lim.

“Without hesitation, my father brought me to another doctor for a second opinion, and both doctors suggest me to do the surgery, as my mum failed battling breast cancer,” she says.

“I have been through a very tough period as I do know how terrible breast cancer can be, and for the sake of my father, it is essential for me to undergo this operation, or he will be very disappointed,” she further explains.

“I know many people who are the same age as me who smokes, drinks, and they do not care about their health at all, yet they are

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not diagnosed with cancer. As for me, I care so much when it comes to food consumption, I neither take fried food nor soft drinks, but I was diagnosed with cancer. Maybe is just my luck,” she says.

Angelina Jolie, 38, wrote in a column on the 14th of May 2013, claiming that her decision to have a mastectomy was not easy, and she was very happy as it reduced her chances of developing breast cancer from 87 percent to less than 5 percent. She could now

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tell her children that they need not to fear more that they would lose her due to breast cancer.

The human body is made up of trillions of living cells, cancerous cells start as abnormal cell mutate out of control.


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consumption is very important in keeping ourselves healthy. Never underestimate the food that we take, a slightest mistake, may cause cancer, and even if cured, chances of remission are also high.

So bear in mind, it is never too late or too early to maintain a healthy lifestyle by starting off with having the proper food intake. And also young in age does not mean young in health.

Image courtesy of SheKnows
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