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Gender Stereotypes in Disney Animations

According to Wellman (2011), Disney animations are causing children to suffer from the “Princess Syndrome” and that the stories are filled with gender stereotypes that can cause many problems in today’s society.

According to Storify (2015), the princesses in Disney animation films have long legs, small waists, fair skin and large breasts. Based on Towbin (2004), women were born to do house chores and are always waiting to be married. Women are portrayed as weak and fragile, needing protection from men. Moreover, a woman’s appearance is more important than her intelligence. In Disney animation films men are always depicted as being muscular and charming.

In today’s society, the stereotype has become an issue. Teenagers are easily influenced by the Disney animation films on what male and female should look, dress and behave. According to filmandmedia12 (n.d.), the models are super slim which resembles the Disney animation’s characters. Ana Carolina Reston, a Brazilian model, according to BuzzFeed Community (2015), passed away due to anorexia in November of 2006, aged only 21. Another woman who named Pixee Fox, 25, was inspired by Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty. She went for plastic surgery to remove six ribs to get a tiny waist, big eyes, big buttocks, pretty face and big breasts. She mentioned that the cartoon characters have her idea of ideal female body. Even men are influenced by Disney animations. A man, named Jens Dalsgaard, 31 with a nickname “The Beast” said he was inspired Beauty and the Beast with 40 tattoos on his body and face. To bulk up he has had a whopping 5500 calories per day and weighs over 275 lbs. He also mentioned that he found himself a Belle which was the beauty in the Beauty and the Beast.

To sum it up, Disney animation films are full of gender stereotypes. The children can be easily misunderstood and that affects their mindset. Therefore, parents should accompany their children while watching to provide better guidance and proper explanations. So that, children will not misunderstand and ignore the moral values in the stories.


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