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Hard Knocks for a Gen Y

BMCC undergrad Nur Alia Binti Saiful Bahri the neurotransmitter that viagra effects is laments on her part-time stint which many students can relate to, and learn from.

As a young adult and student of the 21st Century, earning extra pocket-money whilst gaining an experience is quite a package deal. Although balancing work-life and student-life can be difficult at times, the outcome can be rewarding. It teaches one how to be self-disciplined, organized, l arginine and viagra independent and self-reliant. A new job comes with new expectations – learning new skills that an individual can bring elsewhere. Regrettably, these expectations are far from reality.

I had quite the experience myself.

I was privileged and honored to work for a retail company I truly admire, Louis Vuitton. From an outsider’s perspective, it was a like finding a gold mine. The rush of thoughts and feelings could not be contained. I grew up reading my mother’s Vogue magazines in different languages. I acquired knowledge of designers, photographers, models and the origin of these famous labels at a very young age. Also, owning the bag itself that has viagra female pills been passed down since my grandmother made the job seemed more like fate.

The duration of my work with LV was a period of a year. I was lucky enough to work under the Public Relations department. I was excited, willing to learn, meeting new people, and anticipated new things that could come my way.

However, that vision was far from reality.

I dreaded the long hours including overtime, the tasks that were assigned to me were repetitive, the distance of the office from my house started to become an issue, the office politics that I did not see coming and the money spent daily was not worth the time and effort. In fact, I became the helper to canadianpharmacy-cialistop the actual intern. I became a lonely ship in the office.


To my surprise, india pharmacy I decided to put up with it and stayed on. Months into the job, I worried less about other people and focused on myself and my work. The only person that I needed to worry about was my boss. Slowly, she noticed my output and was entrusted with more responsibilities. I was in charge of rotation – latest collection that comes into Malaysia that will be shipped to other neighbouring Asian countries. I also compiled daily, weekly and monthly coverage of the brand by both newspapers and magazines and kept track of other competitors.

Once my time came to an end, I walked out learning that the “dream job” is only a dream after you’ve worked there for minimum of 6 months. Even at that, you’re considered lucky. I’ve learnt that, one can be lucky to even find friendly faces. Given that I was working in retail. Everyone is your competitor, even for the simplest of things. Expect more work than less. Be prepared to make a lot of mistakes. Make sure you have the thickest skin possible to handle snarky comments. If you have all this, you’re pretty much set for the “uppity” retail brands.

After my stint with LV, I decided to take a longer time to look around for a new job. One that is closer to home, less office politics yet can pay me decently for my hours.

I took on multiple jobs – not at the same time – from being a promoter, data entry and a waitress. All of which was closer to home. I guess asking for less office politics was a little too much but the pay was decent. Not as great as LV, but decent enough. Yes, I understood very well that it wasn’t going to be as glamorous as LV but when you have to earn extra cash, you tend to look at things in a different set of light. I went in with the same open mind just is generic cialis just as good as I did before. Some say I was a little too optimistic and unrealistic.

Taking up a job as a promoter as well as being a Malay girl is really not that great to be honest. You’re actually considered lucky if they call you back. Reason being is because it is mostly Chinese dominated. I’m not being racist, it’s just the way it is and always has been. So, when I got the job, I was the only Malay girl. Instructions were never clear because your supervisors prioritise the “same kind”. Eventually when the orders do come to you, it’s either unclear or only half the instructions. The people involved mainly speak Cantonese, Mandarin or broken English. The job is honestly dull, tiring but easy money as you just stand there for 12 hours and get paid between RM70 – RM100 per day for 3 days.

The honest truth to getting jobs while you’re studying is to please do your research and really ask around before actually working there. Don’t just take up the position because it’s “glamorous” or your friend works there or what everybody calls it “experience”. Gaining experience is a set of skills that you really would remember and use elsewhere. Up till today, LV is the only one who actually taught me how to deal with people, having a thick skin, be aware of actual competitors. The rest just taught me the bad side of Malaysian working culture. does cialis work for 36 hours So, if any of you folks really want to gain experience, really look into first. Are they really offering you what you want?

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