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Life after Death: The Cyberspace

Life after Death: The Cyberspace
IACT Diploma in Mass Communication graduate Marissa Voo wrote this piece for her feature writing assignment as a cranial stab into our gadget obsessed lifestyle that has robbed us of, well, a life…

Life after Death: The Cyberspace

The minute you unlock that device is the minute you spend the rest of your minutes on one of the world’s most important inventions: social media. Inksight takes a quick browse into the netizen’s mind. By Marissa viagra type drugs Voo.

The quiet room was interrupted by the scratchy sound of pen on paper. The table phone rattled in its place. Postmen went from house to house, delivering sweet handwritten letters from faraway places. Lovely was the talk between neighbours; conversations over tending the garden, or over a cup of chamomile tea. Children were adventurous – they played and they sung and they ran.

Simple was life, and treasured were the moments spent in the presence of another.

Creativity was a trait that came with most. Nature and all that was around them served as a form of inspiration; the lack of what they didn’t have was what drove and motivated them to discover, experiment and create. People read and people drew, and people were often on their feet or busy doing something. Everybody was an explorer and the world was their playground.

Then comes a soft yet prominent beep, accompanied by a prompting vibration – an indication of a notification. Without even the slightest hesitation, your hand reaches out for that little device you rely so much on. Books became canadian pharmacy news

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less interesting – reading live updates from friends and celebrities proved to be far more appealing, especially to those with a short attention span but the urge to know. Restaurants saw few bawling children, for even at a young age, they all had their little eyes glued to a screen with moving pictures.

Before I continue… Does anybody have the Wi-Fi password?

Inksight asked students to share their thoughts on the existence of social media – their loves and peeves, and what makes and breaks the social media experience.

It is here that text and pictures have found ways to connect individuals who share the same mind and interest. Apart from to “capture and share the world’s moments”, as its slogan states, Instagram has also become a place for inspiration – think art, music and health. Get a ‘retweet’ on one of your personal tweets and think, “Hey, I guess I’m not alone in this.” YouTube isn’t just a place for people to express their opinions or share funny videos; it is also something you indulge in and enjoy after a long day at work.

Apart from all the good it brings to the world of communication, this widespread medium is much like a disease, distributing information at breakneck speed, leaving no room for compromise.

Rumours, speculations and gossip are only part and parcel of what you’ll find on social media. Let’s not forget all the distasteful content that comes along with it, like users who complain and rant about things you don’t care about, or people who post ‘selfies’ like it’s a full-time job.

What ever happened to spending some real time with friends, and having real talk over a nice meal without our subconscious mind keeping track of how many ‘likes’ we’ve gotten over the past fifteen minutes? Do we really need to keep our finger on the refresh button when it has only been two minutes since the last update?

Talk to your friends and have a nice conversation. Or, you know, just tweet them. Take a photograph, and get it printed and framed. Though, I think a quick upload on Instagram would do. How about sitting your girlfriend down and solving that problem once and for all? Nah, perhaps an indirect status update on Facebook would show her exactly who she’s dealing with.

Social media is no longer something that simply enhances communication… it has become the primary source of it.

We have mutated into a generation that is so caught up with getting at least 50 ‘likes’ on our Facebook statuses, or making sure that we have all our friends on Skype, that we forget what life is really about.

We’re living in the cyberspace.

Social media may be a great way to keep each other connected and constantly inspired, but the one how much does 100mg viagra cost thing that people forget to do is keep in contact with the one thing that really brings you and I 5 mg cialis together: the physical world.

Maybe what we really need is for someone to tweet us a reminder to get off our asses, and get out there and do something with our lives…

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