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Ode to Our Beloved Gallery

Ode to Our Beloved Gallery

With the inevitable move to VSQ happening very soon, students of IACT College got a bit sentimental with the changes and transition. The Gallery is perhaps the single most well-loved location for everyone. Fantastic it is not, but something about it makes it feel like a second home. New resident Inksight writer Sathisvaran Santhian (BMCC 201551) snooped around to gather the sentiments. *Names have been altered to crack smiles and to reduce the “we’re gonna miss this place” melancholia.

IACT College is an institute that aims to cultivates student’s inner creativity. The college will be shifting to VSQ Asia Jaya within the next few months. As only a 1st semester student, it would be over-sentimental of myself to say that I’ve shared a lot of memories in the current location. As such, on Monday 13th July I went around the IACT gallery to ask our fellow IACT students to share their memories of the college gallery. I spent about to 5 minutes for each individual and the response I must say was pretty different from what I had in mind. Lets have a look some of’em.


Gaston (DMC)

Q: What did you like about the gallery ?

A: I always love the presence of a noisy environment because it encourages me to talk more and enhance my skills in communication. I really liked the presence students discussing, the environment encourage me to be productive with my assignments.

Q: If you were given an ultimate power

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to change the gallery, what would you do?

A: I will design and furnish the space to be a more creative hub. I like how the Google office is, a homely feature and I will do so cause i believe it will help the students to be more comfortable and the transition of the modern design might give them inspiration for their creativity.


The Pink Pink Group (DMC)

Q: What don’t you like about the gallery?

A: Students who eats at the gallery, for instance this guy beside me (friend) eating cup noodles triggers my appetite and I don’t want to cause its not healthy. We’re kidding. The restrictions probably, it’s a creative institute for a reason and the students should not be refrained to explore. Also, there’s the bad coverage and speed of the wifi. I can’t open my my browser to read the news cause the usage is heavy as we can see. Plus the restriction of use of Whatsapp. We understand why it’s so in the classroom but I find it hard to understand why here.

Q: Alright, if so what do you like in the gallery then?

A: The gossiping environment. No no, you should take this in a optimistic way. We find it very useful because before we do anything we learn the character of a person so there would be no conflict in the future. We will know how to behave and we get news easily and we find it easier when a person explain to us rather than reading an article. But don’t worry we’ll read the inksight articles.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever saw here?

A: Couple PDA. Come on, it’s an institute to study. Keep it anywhere else than here. Respect the college.

Q: Let’s say you’ve been given the ultimate power to design or upgrade the standards of the gallery in the new location, what would you do?

A: The college’s very own cafeteria. I often see the clubs having their food sale for charity so but it’s not doable in a way I can come everyday and eat. Obviously we know there is food at Jaya One however, it doesn’t fall within the criteria of the normal student budget. If the college has its own cafeteria it can also promote healthy food and the space might be useful for the clubs to organize food sale events. They can share the space with other clubs so everyone can be part of it. I believe that this can be a great opportunity for the students to have a taste of entrepreneurship when they take charge of the cafeteria space. They can also learn the system, managements etc. So we don’t get bored of just doing assignments but we can come to the college to look forward for something that’s beyond our responsibility.

Josh (DMC)

Q: Josh while you indulge in your meal, can you share us what your understanding of the college gallery is?

A: It’s a place where i can meet and also make new friends. I love the world of communication but i’m no Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) who possess natural skills of communication. So I practice by talking and networking with new friends.

Q: What is it about the gallery that makes you squirm?

A: The minimal amount of power points. There are tables around but not plug points. I basically will be the dead one in a group discussion if my laptop battery is insufficient. Plus it’s not practical for me to bring an extension plug along with me to college.

Q: Let’s say you’ve been given RM50K to do anything at the gallery knowing we will moving out to new locations in the coming months, what would you do?

A: I will probably will have a free food fair. This event allows us and the students to interact and network. I observe that when the clubs conduct events, the response of the students hardly achieve 50% going by the rate of support. So we should identify what we can do to gain more student’s support. Such events not only allow us to network but we can share information on regards of the upcoming events. There’s also the possibility of seeing a high number of Degree studen’ts participation as well.

Aaron (DIA/Sem3)

Q:Sorry for disturbing you while you’re playing games, but do you mind to share some of your thought about the gallery.

A: Hey no problem on that. I see the Gallery as a comfortable hang-out place with my friends. The wi-fi speed and the dull look of the environment is a disappointment though.

Q: Let’s say you’ve been given RM50K and the ultimate power to do anything to the gallery, knowing that we’ll be moving out in a few month’s time, how would you spend the amount?

A: I will probably organise a carnival, like a funfair. tTere will be games, food, music performances and jamming sessions and so on. This would a fantastic opportunity as not just to have fun but we can also experience interaction between the students. This can helps drive students participation in the near future events. The problem that we face here is the support when it comes to events. They need to understand that activities as such will be a great part in their college life rather than just going back home facing the desktop monitor. We need to educate them that the precious moments of college life and events like so can help them to do well. Plus it would be a great way to bid goodbye to our Jaya One location.

Q: Take a look around you, what don’t you like about the gallery?

A: Lack of comfortable furnitures and sofas. I like being in an environment where it feels like my second home. I hope the other students feels the same way too.

Q:What are you looking forward in the new location for the gallery space?

A: A pool table, better furniture, space for gamers. Why space for gamers is because we can’t deny the fact that our generation love to play games and we can’t wait to get back to home to play it. What if we give them a space over here so we can have the utilise on interaction. We can get the help of the industry to help us sponsor such space as I believe it would be a huge exposure of the industry. For instance in high school there always will be a space sponsored by industry players as to achieve the connectivity with students to gain loyalty. Same scenario , but over here we are creating a more friendlier educational environment. I understand this is a college and not a cybercafe but we are different from the others. We are heading towards a creative industry and we need to stand out so it will be a great publicity if the college could achieve this. The number of intake will increase because trust me this what our generation is looking for in a college.

The Wolf (BAD/Sem4)

Q: What do you love about the gallery?

A: Better toilet facilities and environment.

Q:What do you hate about the gallery then?

A: No background music. I love music, it develops the creative side of myself.

Q: Let’s say you’re given RM50k to upgrade the gallery, knowing that we will be moving to new location soon, what would you do?

A: I will allocate it to the sports club because I feel the facilities in the gallery is already good enough. Its about how you perceive things. I usually hang out here to wait for the traffic to ease.

Q: What would you will be looking forward at the new gallery ?

A: Our own cafe, easy to get and affordable lunch. More fixtures like lockers or cabinets to keep our bags, i mean the space of table is small to fit everything. Plus look different as rather than in the comfort zone by staying casual. It should be more Charlie and The Chocolate Factory , not the chocolate but the level of exaggerated and be creative idea. I hope there is an instant messaging service for us as students to get creative and provide the freedom to design.

Miow (DMC/Sem2) and Roar (DIB/Sem 1)

Q: What are you guys looking forward at the new Gallery?

A: More pillows to snug and be comfortable. Swings for a more fun environment and also an acoustic corner. It can help us to release some tension and also to impulse the creative part of our brain. But it feels a bit sad to leave this location though.

End note: Well, one thing that i did learn at the Gallery that the students are really looking forward to the new location. Although some did share their moments spending at the Gallery, but they had their opinion to what they look for. It’s true that some demands might sound slightly too much but this is something we should take into consideration. The generation gap and the needs of the generation.

Creativity refers to a range of economics activities which are concerned with the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information. It’s never a case of spoiling the students if there is a huge gain not only for students but for the management as well. It produces an environment where it grabs the attention. Mindvalley at Midvalley was awarded the title of the best office to work in Malaysia although they only deal with incubating and growing businesses. It’s the creative minds that keep the company moving and staying strong. Something similar is needed in IACT College as we need to create a platform to show the student’s presence all around and how welcoming the gallery is. This is where IACT College can truly stand out from the crowd by being SIMPLY CREATIVE.

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