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The Beasts Among Us

The Beasts Among Us

Abuse is currently so rampant it is happening to the closest around you. Seniors in Diploma in Mass Communication Hannah Azlan, Alison Seow, Low Rii-Chuan and Patrick T. Villavert reveals a chilling eye-opener for their investigative feature assignment that begs the questions: What have we done, and what can we do?

Child abuse often goes unreported. And that’s where the

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problems begin. But what if the child is sitting beside you in class and all these times you never knew. No one did. And when we all do, it’s too late. A presence gone, a life taken. All that’s left is the sentiments of guilt looming above our heads because none of us did anything, or worse still, some of us tried to ignore the fact we knew something was amiss.

According to Safe Voices, women ages 16 to 24 experience the highest per capita rates of intimate violence. Despite being a modern society, violence and aggression has become a bigger threat than ever. There are many different types of aggression and they manifest themselves in different forms. From commonplace bullying to damaging verbal abuse, these forms of aggression can vary from minute to horrifying. Physical abuse is more common than society would like it to be, verbal abuse slips its way into everyday conversation and the statistics of self-harm are increasing throughout the years. Verbal abuse is the most common amongst the different types and that reveals a disturbing truth about the modern teenager. How did society come to this point?

In every classroom, it is almost a guarantee that there will be several abuse victims or aggressors. These people neither talk about their experiences nor they want to report them. It’s adderall xr online pharmacy a cruel existence for them. Another day of survival, another day of struggle. The way they react may be different: some may portray a confident persona to hide behind like a shadow, some may be introverted and withdrawn and some may be angry, brash and the stereotypical ‘problem child’ in the classroom. Regardless, these people are victims all the same.

The difference between the abused and the abuser is a very fine line. Abusers seek to assert power over others, trying to bury any insecurity that rears its ugly head. They may also be undergoing other issues that they feel helpless to prevent or fix; therefore they seek release in the form of inflicting pain on other people. The abused are victims of these aggressors and they either turn on themselves or on other people. The cycle continues itself.

Ashburn*, 21 is a victim of self-abuse. He feels that he tends to be harsher on himself than he is on the people around him. At the age of 14, he said that he felt numb. He could not feel anything and felt very disconnected to the world around him. He never said a single word to anyone. In a desperate attempt to feel something, he took to self-harm. Raking his nails down his skin, watching blood spill from the angry red welts – he said he finally felt alive again. In our interview, he admits that he is scared of relapsing. He was reluctant to tell anyone but he eventually opened up to the people around him. There is a temptation from time to time but now, he has a strong support system that keeps him grounded and helps him resist.

Contrary to popular belief, aggressors can be victims as well. The old Shakespearean quote “violence begets violence” rings truer today than ever. A child who is abused or neglected at home is more likely to become an abuser in his alliance pharmacy group canada adult life. In an interview, Timmy*, 21, admitted that due to his lonely childhood, his depression spiraled out of control. Unable to express his emotions and ‘bottling everything up’, why does viagra cause headaches he ended up losing grip on his temper – he almost threw his ex-girlfriend off an overpass walkway. Coming to terms with his personal issues has proven to be the gateway to recovery, but he regrets what he did to some extent.

Similar to other social crimes, such as rape – victims tend to fall prey to people they already know. These victims trust or depend on their abusers and as such, tend to be submissive towards them. Stella*, 20, is one of these people. After her oxycodone online pharmacy parents divorced, her mother became dependent on her to do most of the household chores. However, her mother is her abuser. In our interview, she details how her mother threw a vase at her before attempting to strangle her. These details are not uncommon in parental abuse, due to the aggressor establishing their power through the parent-child relationship. It is almost like Stockholm syndrome in a way, where the abused is forced or eventually is deluded into having faith that the abuse will eventually end. They love their abuser; they cialis 5 mg costo in farmacia have to love their abuser.

Abuse tends to take place over an extended period of time. Michael* endures verbal abuse from his cousins. He has been verbally abused by his cousins since he was 11. Michael is 19 now and the abuse has not stopped or slowed. He lost hope a long time ago that it would end, the worst incident being less than 6 months ago. He enjoys spending time with one of his younger, less malicious cousins and the others insisted that he was carrying on a sexual relationship with her. These words have burned their way into his head and he feels that he can never truly move past it.

All these victims are among us at IACT College.

Now that the ugly truth has risen to the surface, what can we do to ease the pain and to cushion their sufferings? In the course of researching this issue, we find that there are more practical ways to reduce the impact and pain of the victims. The small things count and there are many modest and practical ways to help. A selfless act of consideration can make a difference in a sufferer’s lives, be it by voice, or by gesture. If someone is constantly alone, inviting them to join you for lunch or for a cup of coffee can help them more than you know. A simple “Hello, how are you” or “Are you okay?” can help a sufferer step back from the edge. Whether you choose to say hi to people in the hallway or to give a hug, this display of non-aggressive human contact really serves to make their lives better. If you know someone who is troubled, lending a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen eases the pain of abuse. Don’t hesitate to approach them and to be the first to speak up. For abused victims themselves, there is no shame in seeking medical treatment or seek medication. The shame should not outweigh your mental health. Above all, for the rest of us all, victims or not, don’t discriminate and don’t stereotype.

Aggression among youths is a horrible injustice. It stuns potential, happiness and growth. It has become a social stigma to admit to being abused and the cycle continues itself. As a modern society, we should seek to stop this from happening and to aid, not shame, the victims. If the abuse stems from the home, college become the next

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best sanctuary and that’s where we all live on most days of the week. So keep your eyes open, your ears peeled, and your heart filled with compassion. It could be you one day down the road.

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